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EPHM Lab projects




This website provides a list of code created by our EPHM Crew.


Excel & VBA Code.

SEPP Tool Beta 0.2 - NEWEST VERSION - click here to download.

SEPP Tool Beta 0.1 - OUTDATED click here to download.

Hazen calculations - click here to download.

IDEXX MPN Automatic Calculator for QuantiTray results (this spreadsheet fixes errors found in IDEXX tables) - click here to download.



Arduino Code.

Linking to the Sim5320a module via TeraTerm - click here to download code - click to download.

Code to record EC and Temperature Data on an Arduino Uno v3 and send via 3g Sim5320a module - click to download.

Code to turn peristaltic pump (controlled by four relays) on and off at regular intervals (this code requires a timer module DS3231 RTC) - click to download.